Job Statistics


people incarcerated in state prisons in Pennsylvania1


cost to maintain an individual in state prison in Pennsylvania each year, for a total annual cost of $1.78 billion1


of those incarcerated in Pennsylvania will eventually be released2

6 in 10

people released will recidivate (i.e. be reincarcerated within 3 years)2


of those who recidivate will do so within the first year of release. The first year is by far the most risky period for recidivism2

$44.7 million

amount that The Pennsylvania Department of Correction could save annually by reducing the one year recidivism rate by 10%2


drop in recidivism associated with obtaining employment upon release from prison3


of employers will not hire a person with a felony record3


of the 262,000 federal prisoners who were released between 2002 and 2006, couldn’t find any form of employment during their period of supervised release4


of those who did get jobs were able to successfully reintegrate back into society4

Jobs for ex-offenders matter to everyone.


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